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October 18, 2011

The Game of Write

Kate Hart

Everybody gets a board game. Doctors and sailors and bankers and detectives and rock stars and pirates and farmers and bratz and rednecks-- even dogs get their own game. 

Well, it's time writers did too (and don't tell me Scrabble counts). Spin the wheel and take your own publication journey...

(click to enlarge, or CTRL + + to zoom)

Not responsible for tears shed, dreams shattered, chocolate consumed, heads desked, or muscles pulled doing happy dances.


  1. This. Is. Awesome.

    Seriously. I would play this. I'm on a retreat right now and this would be the PERFECT evening game to play with my CP :)

  2. Can I just say that I love you? Good. I LOVE YOU. This is amazing. <3

  3. You are AMAZING! Brilliant! Now where can I purchase this? XD

  4. This is the best thing EVAR! People thought Risk and monopoly took a long time to play, this game takes years.

  5. Did you know how wickedly brilliant you are?

  6. *jawdrop* and *giggles*

    This is awesome. Glad the title drop came a little earlier in my case, lol. Shoot, I probably just jinxed myself for another title change. *rocks in corner*

  7. ooo, this is too dangerous for me. I better not get involved.

  8. This. Is. Awesome! Kate, you win the internet :)
    I remember that first carpal tunnel attack fondly!

  9. I'm thinking there aren't enough rejection and despair squares

  10. Yes. But gosh, this game is very long....can I have two girls in my purple car. Also, I love the barista option.

  11. This is the. best. thing. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ahem. It's insanely awesome. I played it with And I got some very satisfactory results! :D

    Goodness, Kate, this is just unbelievably amazing. AMAZING!

  12. OMG, you made this? it must have taken you forever!
    you need to get ahold of the folks at LIFE, because i would absolutely buy this version of the game.
    thanks for starting my day out with a smile.

  13. Oh Kate. I could not love you more.

  14. Haha, this is awesome!! Where can I buy it? Haha.

  15. Fabulous as usual. You are doing nothing to dissuade from my internet crush on you, Kate. Love this one!

    - Liz


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