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February 1, 2012

Road Trip Wednesday: Best Book of January

Kate Hart


I'm sure you're shocked. 

Reviews aren't really my thing, but I will say there was a lot of crying. In fact I believe
the entirety of my email to the BFF said, "I cried my fucking face off."

Since I'm sure TFIOS will be mentioned by many people on today's Road Trip,
I am also bringing you a special added "best of," which is:

Music I Am Obsessed With Right Now
(with bonus feature: estrogen! It has been a long time since I've picked up new female artists I like, so I am super psyched.)

#1: Civilian by Wye Oak
The title track is my favorite:

but I love the whole album. And the video for "Fish" is amazing.

#2: Give You the Ghost by Poliça
I'm a little disappointed that Channy's voice is autotuned on every. freaking. song.
Still, it works in a lot of them, like "Lay Your Cards Out."

#3: Voyageur by Kathleen Edwards
The tracks on this one are also a little hit and miss, but I like it overall, and this video is cool.
Plus, I'm pretty sure the concert I saw is in there somewhere.

#4: "Sadie Hawkins" by Dessa
This is actually on a Doomtree album, but watching her do it live made my eyes bug out.
(Also, she looks a lot like my girl Sam Mabry, and that makes me happy for some reason.)

So, what are you loving right now?
Head over to YA Highway for book recs--
and leave me your music recs in the comments here!


  1. Man, you aren't kidding about TFIOS landing on everybody's list. I can anticipate what the top read will be when I click on everyone's blog post for RTW today :-) I haven't read it, but I'm starting to think twice about that.

  2. YAY MUSIC! You are aware that I share any and all feelings about TFiOS and tear ducts. If you could include music recs in all Best Book blog posts I'd really appreciate it, kthanx.

  3. Ok, so my guess is I WILL cry when I read this book :-) (note to self: maybe avoid reading it in the train full of people right before work where my make-up will run and co-workers would ask me what´s wrong...)

    Thanks for the music tips too...
    On my side, I´ve been compulsively listening to Zaz, especially those two songs

    Eblouie par la nuit:

    Dans ma rue (cover of Edit Piaf:

  4. I loved TFioS too! And hooray for music! I adore that song by Kathleen Edwards. So gorgeous :)

  5. If RTW was happening between 1998 and 2007, do you suppose it would have been the same whenever there was a new Harry Potter book? I'm sure TFiOS deserves it's place in so many hearts, but I've yet to read it. I will, though. It's on my desk staring at me as we speak. :)

  6. I adored this book. Although heartbreaking it is still so full of a unconditional love that just made feel so much! :)

    This has pushed LOOKING FOR ALASKA down to #2 of my favorite John Green books.

  7. I'll have to put that book on my TBR list. I love a good cry!

    If you're looking for a great female artist, I just discovered A Fine Frenzy. Check out her song, Almost Lover- it's awesome!

  8. I haven't read TFIOS yet, but obviously I need to :)

    And those songs by Wye Oak are very pretty. I've been listening to a lot of new-to-me music lately, as one of my musically inclined friends has been gifting me awesome mixed CDs. This one ("Love Zombie") has been, by far, my favorite:

  9. I still haven't read it! Eek. Soon, very soon, I will cry my fucking face off, too.

  10. I really like that Wye Oak one too--and I saw at least one other RTW with TFIOS, so that one will go on my TBR list

  11. I picked The Fault In Our Stars too. Don't you just love John Green. I think this is my favorite of all of his books so far.

  12. Thanks for sharing your music choices! I'm obsessed with Gotye right now.

  13. I just didn't think it was fair to the other books to compare them with TFiOS, so I didn't pick a favorite.

  14. "Surprise!" is probably the best response to this question I've read so far.


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