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December 7, 2012

End of the Road (for Field Trip Friday)

Kate Hart
It's been almost three years since I did my first Friday Twitter round up. Today's makes the 140th... and the last. (Sort of.)

This is a weird post to write, because the round up has lasted so long, and I don't want to end it without an explanation. But I also don't want anyone to think I have an over-inflated view of its importance (i.e. slim to none), and I don't want that to sound like a plea for people to convince me otherwise.

So! Basically, this feature has run its course. However, over the next few months, I'm going to put together a couple of "best of" posts by topic,  because there's a lot of good information in the archives, and it's hard to find any of it.

In the meantime, I'll continue to do round ups at YA Highway, and to post occasional thoughts and charts and news and things here. Much appreciation to all the folks who have read and retweeted over the years (years!), and if you have a suggestion for a "best of" topic, drop me a comment here or on Twitter.

Also, here is a groundhog surprise party.

some other surprise parties by Liz Climo: chameleonskunk and opossum 

Happy Friday.


  1. Aw! It was super fun to read every week, thank you for doing it for so long!

  2. Thanks for hosting this every week. It's always so amusing and useful! :)

    Love the groundhog party! SO CUTE!

  3. It's been great reading the round-up all these years - thanks for the time and dedication you gave it!

  4. Sad to see the feature go, I always did love catching up on Fridays, but glad you were willing to do it for so long!

  5. Always had a blast reading your round-ups. RIP, twitter FTF. <3

  6. Love ya, babe. And thanks for doing it for so long! <3

  7. Thank you for all your hard work. <3

  8. Wow. I was just about to link to your site because I'm taking a break from my own twitter round-ups, and wanted to direct some people this way. But, Kate, I completely understand why you'd need to move on to other things. It's a lot to take on. Thanks so much for doing this feature for so long! I've loved it.

  9. Can't believe I missed this post. I'm so sad to see this go. I look forward to reading it every week during lunch at work. Still, I can imagine it's super time consuming. Thanks for doing it for so long!


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