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April 17, 2013

Road Trip Wednesday: In Verse

Kate Hart

To celebrate National Poetry Month, YA Highway wants to know:
What's your favorite poem and/or poet?


Sylvia Plath   //   Federico Garcia Lorca   //   Seamus Heaney   //   Pablo Neruda   //   Sherman Alexie

 photo il_570xN393575580_lpmi.jpg  photo il_570xN395214711_rg58.jpg
  photo il_570xN438196567_bli7.jpg  photo il_570xN245837556.jpg

(Click images to buy prints at Etsy shops)

(I'm sorry, Seamus Heaney, but the only fan art I found for you was a set of earrings and that just seemed... wrong.)


Leave a link to your own favorites post in the comments at YA Highway!


  1. Pablo Neruda's poems have a simplistic vibe with the twist of complexity I love. Thanks for sharing. *Oh yes, thank you for making my hair shiny, it was looking a little dull today. :)


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