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May 30, 2013

currently (2).

Kate Hart

~ explanation for meme here ~


friends Kirsten and Sarah for making the trek to Arkansas just to hang out with me for a few days.


Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz is next in the TBR pile.


the first season of Friday Night Lights, as soon as we pick it up from the library.

thinking about

the charts I started two months ago still aren't finished*; my friends' indie movie turned out really lovely; the RT Conference was surprisingly fun; I don't know how to define success; I keep forgetting it's summer vacation now; papercutting is fun and I'd like to learn to carve; maybe the blog needs a redesign; the problem with "write what you want to read" is that nobody wants to read what I want to read; picture books are more challenging that I anticipated; a spider just ran across my armrest; I don't think I can wait another month for the new Dessa album; I'm so relieved that the new National album is awesome; apparently I can't spell "relieved" on the first try; if car karaoke were a sport I would totally medal.


an upcoming trip that will take us through several states I've never visited before. look out, west virginia.


for good news. for patience. for this summer to be cooler than the last one but not in an extreme-weather-we're-all-going-to-die-snow-in-July kind of way.

making me happy

pictures of people and places I love.

*Do y'all want to see YA deals again? I don't think I can take on covers this year, though I really want to. What else can I infographic? 
infographic is totally a verb be quiet.

**Photos are mine, Sarah's, and Kir's.  


  1. My friend Cassie was in Gordon Family Tree! Oh Arkansas, you are a small world.

    1. Awesome, who did she play? Ryan (the main actor) and I have been friends since junior high and it was such a weird coincidence that he wrote the movie without knowing we had started our business! My husband built the treehouse that "Freemont" builds at the beginning, and the one at our house is featured at the end (with a brief shot of our kids in it :) ).

  2. I haven't seen it yet, but she was "Charlotte 'Lottie' Gordon" according to IMDB. She posted on FB a year or so ago that she was looking for a treehouse, and I suggested you guys. No idea whether that helped or not, but maybe? :D


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