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January 9, 2014

We Heart I Heart Band!

Kate Hart
Today is the release of my dear friend Michelle Schusterman's I Heart Band series! 

I would tell you that it is wonderful and you should read it immediately, but I thought another perspective might be more convincing. For instance, here's what my 8-year-old had to say when he read the first book in the series:

~ five stars ~ Best Book Ever!!!

I asked him to elaborate today, and this is what he said:

"One of the reasons why you should raed I Heart Band is because it's awesome.
Also, it came out on a Thursday, and I LOVE Thursdays. Next, it is VERY hilarious.
Last, part of it is about science. (I LOVE SCIENCE!!)"

His brother, who is 5, has been impatiently awaiting his turn to read the series (we were
lucky enough to score early copies of books 1 and 2). He finally got the chance over the break:

Yeah, he can read middle grade, but I can't make him stop
sucking his thumb. 

And since he is our resident artist, he thought he would create a fan cover for the book!

"My name is Holly!"

If you're not convinced, you can see what Publisher's Weekly and Kirkus have to say (although I'm pretty sure their reviews are lacking awesome marker illustrations). Then add it on Goodreads or head to Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or your local indie to snag your copies!

Congrats, Michelle! Love you!


  1. Oh my god. This is just the greatest thing ever. THANK YOU, BOYS!!!!! And thank you, Kate!

  2. Fantastic!! Natalie has finished most of her chapter books and I was struggling to find a new series. Being 9, she's not quite up to the Divergent level. ;) Thanks for rec!!!


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