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Kate Hart
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headshot of Kate Hart After studying Spanish and history at a small liberal arts school, Kate Hart taught young people their ABCs, wrote grants for grownups with disabilities, and now builds treehouses for people of all ages. Her debut YA novel, AFTER THE FALL, was published January 2017 by Farrar, Straus & Giroux; she's also a contributor to the 2018 anthologies TOIL AND TROUBLE and HOPE NATION.

A former contributor to YA Highway and host of the Badass Ladies You Should Know series, Kate also sells woodworking and fiber arts at The Badasserie. She is a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation with Choctaw heritage and lives with her family in Northwest Arkansas.

kate hart on elk mountain in the wichita mountains, oklahomablack and white headshot of kate hart kate hart on top of a dune at Great Sand Dunes, Colorado 
left to right: Wichita Mountains, OK; Fayetteville, AR; Great Sand Dunes, CO (all photos credit Joshua Hart)



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Who is your agent?
I am represented by Adriann Ranta at Foundry Literary + Media.

How did you get your agent?
I wrote about (not) querying my first agent in 2010 here. When she left the business in 2015, I started the process over, using short pitches and sample pages + my existing deal in lieu of a new finished manuscript. (If you need query tips, I've amassed a huge number of them here.)

Where do you get your ideas?
From what if questions. "What if there were witches in Oklahoma?" "What if, when we were hiking as teenagers, there had been an accident?"

What's your writing process?
Everything starts as scribbles in a notebook. I edit those zero drafts as I type them up, then continue writing on the computer until I get stuck, at which point I go back to the notebook and start the process again.

Are you an outliner or a pantser?
I have an Excel chart that rivals most military tactical plans.

Hart family treehouse
Do you really have your own writing treehouse?
Yes. I honestly don't use it much, though. Because ants.

How long did it take to get published?
I wrote the first draft of After the Fall in spring 2010. In July 2014, a rewritten version sold to FSG, and it hit shelves in January 2017. (Publishing runs roughly at the speed of government on downers. Prepare to be patient.)

What are you working on now?
I have several contemporary works-in-progress, a historical magical realism following generations of witches in Oklahoma, and some fantasy things. Maybe.

When is your next book coming out?
I don't know yet. I'll let you know, likely on every feed available.

about me:
Why are you always tweeting about Native issues? You are super white.
am super white. I'm also a born Okie who's a Chickasaw citizen with Choctaw ancestry. I talked a little about it on Twitter here. For more information, see these articles on blood quantum, tribal sovereignty, and DNA.

Josh and Kate Hart with Bill Clinton
You live in Arkansas now -- do you know the Clintons?
I met Bill at a book signing in 2003. I told his secret service agents to take a name tag and they laughed at me.

How about the Duggars?
They live nearby and let's just... not.

Did you study creative writing in college?
Nope. I started as an English major, but dissecting literature wasn't my thing, so I dropped it to focus on history and Spanish. (Surprise! A Spanish major is just dissecting Iberian and Central/South American literature instead.)

Are you still fluent in Spanish?
Conozco bastante español para saber que no sé español. Alternately: I can write you a paper on Neruda but I can't order a taco.

Is your book based on you/real people?
No. Books that pull nothing visceral from an author's life or feelings tend to be bloodless, but real people's lives aren't mine to play with. So After the Fall is informed by my hometown and the assault I experienced in high school, but it's not an attempt at recreation, rewriting, or revenge. It's a fictional story rooted in some truths, which is the only way I know how to approach fiction.

Do you have any writing advice?
Check out the "resources" page for advice I've both given and gathered.

Will you read my work/refer me to your agent?
I'm sorry, but time constraints and legal issues preclude me from both. If you need critique partners, join forums like Absolute Write and SCBWI, keep an eye out for the Critique Partner Love Connection, or check out the links here.

Can you send me an ARC/a free copy of your book?
If only money grew on tree(house)s. I'll offer giveaways when possible, but otherwise please assume the answer is no.

have more questions?
I'd love to answer them. They're like quizzes and I love quizzes. I'm one of those weirdos who answers survey questions on the phone.

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