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General Resources

Absolute Write
Verla Kay's Blueboards
Agent Query
Query Tracker
WriteOn Con

Literary Rambles
Pub(lishing) Crawl
Preditors and Editors

Holly Black
Janice Hardy
Jody Hedlund
Cynthia Leitich Smith
Laini Taylor's "Not For Robots"
Chuck Wendig

Nathan Bransford
Rachelle Gardner
Mary Kole
Jennifer Laughran
Kristin Nelson
Janet Reid
Miss Snark


Writing Process
Your Manuscript As Music
The Best Writing Advice Ever
Writing and Reading Diversity
Honoring Your Process - Phoebe North
All I Know About Writing, I Learned From Skee-Ball - Clare Legrand
First Draft Guide for the Focus-Impaired Writer - Michelle Schusterman
How to Make a Series Bible - Michelle Schusterman

Get In Character -- free download
a short lesson in perspective
Character Priorities and Story Jet Propulsion - Veronica Roth
On Character Attributions - Stephanie Kuehn
What's in Your Character's Backpack? - Michelle Schusterman

Craft and Setting
On Dialect and Dialogue The Magic of Setting - Kirsten Hubbard
On Being Kind to Horses (sentence structure) - Leila Austin

Strictly Objective Critique Partner: A Helpful Thing to Have - Veronica Roth
Doors and Books and Doors to Books - Gayle Forman
The Dollhouse Metaphor - Laini Taylor
Everything Intern Needs To Know About Revisions, She Learned From Her Plebotomist - The Intern (Hilary Smith)
Green Triangles Should Be Both Triangular and Green - Kristin Cashore

Writing the Book of Your Heart - Beth Revis
Letter to a Young Writer - Francisco X. Stork
Will It Ruin You? - C.J. Redwine
First Chapters - Amanda Hannah
It's Not the Piano - Michelle Schusterman
How To Forgive Yourself - Karen Rivers
Writing It All Wrong - Libba Bray
Dare I Disturb the Universe? - Laurie Halse Anderson
We Are All Savages Inside - Sugar at The Rumpus
Confusingly To Do With Love - Sara Zarr

You've Got a Friend In Me (Well, Maybe) - Emilia Plater
Dare To Suck (video) - Maureen Johnson
The Work Awaits - Sara Zarr
Write Like a Motherfucker - Sugar at The Rumpus
A Lesson Learned - Jodi Meadows
A Crisis of Self-Confidence - Mary Kole
Not All the Chairs Will Turn Around: Writing, The Voice, and Approval - Kody Keplinger

Queries and Synopses
Snow White and the Seven Synopses
How I Got the Agent I Didn't Query
What To Ask An Agent
Having An Agent Is Weird - Hilary Smith
How to Get Published: A Flowchart

Author Life
The Turning Points series - Nova Ren Suma + guests
On Responding Graciously - Phoebe North
A Letter to Baby Author Me - Ally Carter
Why Authors Disappear - Kirsten Hubbard
The Writer's Life Is Full of Second Chances - Robin LaFevers
For Friends and Family of Writers
Lessons from SCBWI

Time Management
How To Keep Up Online Without Losing Your Mind
Internet Traps and Solutions - Juliette Wade
The Internet Is Not To Blame For Your Unfinished Novel - Colson Whitehead
Time Management Tips - Maggie Stiefvater
Find the Time. Or Don't. - John Scalzi

Writing and Mental Health 
On Writing and Depression
On Depression and Writer's Block
Confession - Myra McEntire
The Shame of Depression - Myra McEntire
Miles and Miles of No Man's Land - Libba Bray
Don't Bully Your Muse - Anne R. Allen
Be Brave and Revise, or, My Struggle With Fear - Veronica Roth
Adventures in Depression - Allie Brosh