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March 20, 2012

YA Deals 2011-2012, Part II

Kate Hart
Yesterday it occurred to me that I have been missing a golden opportunity. For over a YEAR, I could have been signing my name as Kate cHart. cHART? CHart?

Okay, maybe not that great an idea. But anyway! Yesterday we looked at YA deals by the dollars; today we're looking at their size, as in single book versus trilogy. Not much has changed in the overall numbers compared to last year:

But who's getting those multiple book deals has shifted. 

It's really confusing visually to compare that chart with last year's, so I calculated the differences below. Most notably, paranormal is moving to single book deals, probably because of the trilogy fatigue we've seen discussed around the web; dystopian seems to be following suit.

However, sci fi is killing it, and contemporary is moving from single titles to multiple book deals-- I didn't keep stats, but they seemed to be mostly for unrelated and/or companion books, or for established series.

Here's a better look at how each type of sale broke down along genre lines. Note that those four+ deals in paranormal were all for established series and/or Amanda Hocking. (That claim is based purely on my memory of scanning 400+ deal blurbs, but I'm 95% sure it's true.)

I have one more chart post for tomorrow, where I'll show you the trends I noticed in historicals, retellings, paranormal, and more. Suggestions for other charts? Leave them in the comments!

eta: Don't miss parts one and three!

Same disclaimers as yesterday:
  1. Math. I hates it. It hates me. Please exercise caution when trusting my computational abilities..
  2. All figures were taken from Publisher's Marketplace deal reporting. I didn't download any statistics from their website- I counted the deals (not individual books) manually and assigned my own categories when necessary. Special thanks to Phoebe North and Kristin Halbrook for helping me categorize titles; a few errors are likely and are totally mine.
  3. These charts are not a full representation of YA publishing, because some agents and editors choose not to list deals in Publisher's Marketplace, nor have I included any foreign sales.
  4. Dystopian includes apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic. 
  5. These books sold in the past year, but your local bookstore shelves won't reflect these numbers until at least winter 2012, at the earliest. See Carrie Ryan's post for more information on YA deal time frames.


  1. LOVE when you get all charty, Kate. Thanks again! It's just another reminder to everyone to write what you love, and make it the best you can be, whether that's paranormal or contemporary or historical/romance/steampunk/non-fiction.

    1. Exactly. You want to start the trend, not follow it. :)

  2. I fully support the addition of your middle initial. Even "Kate C Hart" adds a subtle reference to these awesome, awesome charts :-)

    1. If only my real middle initial were C! It's just one letter away, so close!

  3. These posts are great, keep up the good work!

  4. Kate cHART indeed. :) You are the best chart maker in all the land. <3

  5. Out of curiosity, how do you know that a multi book deal means a series or a trilogy or etc.? I've signed multibook deals which were made up of standalones, or of books plus standalones. I've also seen announcements that I knew were multibook deals, but they only listed one book in the announcement.

    this is a great series.

    1. Thanks, Diana! I counted any announcement that only mentioned one title as a single, so it's very possible the stats are skewed by lack of detail. Same with series vs standalones-- I kind of conflated them in the text of the post, but the stats are based just on the number of books announced, while the observation about companions and established series is strictly from memory.

      I don't think I saw any that said "multi-book" without mentioning the quantity. That would have made me cuss at my computer screen.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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