Badass Ladies You Should Know

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"Badass Ladies You Should Know" is a series in which talented women say to hell with false modesty. Features are interspersed with links to amazing ladies highlighted elsewhere. Long-form interviews are cross-posted here and alongside bonus materials at

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Johnnie Jae: CEO/Journalist/Advocate/Podcaster //  Bonus material

Tanaya Winder: Poet, singer, Upward Bound director  //  Bonus material
Maurene Goo: Author  //  Bonus material

Gauthami Vemula and Renae Virata: Social entrepreneurs  //  Bonus material
Lilliam Rivera: Author and freelance writer  //  Bonus material
Vina Castillo, Natalie Noboa, & Holly Nikodem: Owners of The Queens Bookshop  //  Bonus material
Alice Driver: Photojournalist & PhD  //  Bonus material

Jen Baquial: President Sirens Women's Motorcycle Club of NYT  //  Bonus material
Rachel Speckan: Sommelier  //  Bonus material
Veronica Roth: NYT bestselling author  //  Bonus material
Jovanna Anzaldua: Reproductive health advocate  //  Bonus material


Michelle Krys: NICU nurse and author  //  Bonus material
Julia Good Fox: University Dean  //  Bonus material
Dianne Bondy: Yoga instructor and activist  //  Bonus material
Erin Winick: Mechanical engineer and jewelry designer  //  Bonus material

Saba Sulaiman: Literary agent  // Bonus material
Erika L. Sánchez: Poet and novelist  //  Bonus material
Amber McCrary: Zinestress and educator  //  Bonus material

Melanie Fey: Zinestress, writer, and activist  //  Bonus material
Lygia Day Peñaflor: Author and Hollywood teacher  //  Bonus material
Christa Desir: Author and advocate  //  Bonus material
Bea and Leah Koch: Owners of The Ripped Bodice bookstore  //  Bonus material

Taté Walker: Editor, activist, storyteller  //  Bonus material
Simini Blocker: Illustrator  //  Bonus material
Vilissa Thompson: LMSW and advocate  //  Bonus material
Geneva Barton: Digital artist  //  Bonus material

Kay Dupree: Fashion designer  //  Bonus material
Jessica Spotswood: Author and librarian  //  Bonus material
Melissa Scholten-Gutierrez: Social worker and rabbincal student  //  Bonus material
Ashlie Atkinson: Actress and derby queen  //  Bonus material

Natalie Parker: Author, grant administrator, and event coordinator  //  Bonus material
Heidi Heilig: Author and theater writer  //  Bonus material
Kaitlin Ward: Author and numismatist  //  Bonus material
Sharon Bishop-Baldwin and Mary Baldwin-Bishop: Marriage equality activists,
newspaper editors, & animal rehabbers  // Bonus materials


Stephanie Kuehn: Author and psychology post-doc Fellow  //  Bonus material
Kelly Jensen: Editor, author, & former librarian  //  Bonus material
Samantha Mabry: Author, professor  //  Bonus material
Kate Spencer: Comedian, producer, on-air host, editor, and writer  //  Bonus material 

   Preeti Chhibber 
Kelly Holmes: Founder of Native Max Magazine  // Bonus material
Marieke Nijkamp: Author, activist  //  Bonus material
Kristen Dorsey: Chickasaw jewelry artist  //  Bonus material
Preeti Chhibber: Book buyer, blogger, podcaster  // Bonus material

Michelle Schusterman Jaclyn Roessel   picture of Fayette Mong 
Michelle Schusterman: Author, musician, teacher  //  Bonus material
Jaclyn Roessel: Museum curator, podcaster, advocate  //  Bonus material
Meredith Melody: Photographer, mother  //  Bonus material
Fayette Mong: Prosecutor, runner, activist  //  Bonus material

picture of Jennica Schwartzman picture of Carol Hart picture of Hafsah Faizal picture of Sarah McCarry
Jennica Schwartzman: Actor, screenwriter, producer  //  Bonus material
Carol Hart: Nonprofit founder, executive director, artist  //  Bonus materials
Hafsah FaizalDesigner, writer, reviewer //  Bonus materials
Sarah McCarryAuthor, publisher, printer  //  Bonus materials

picture of Sarah Hannah Gómez picture of Sabaa Tahir picture of Kaye M Kirsten Hubbard
Sarah Hannah Gómez: Librarian, activist, writer  //  Bonus materials
Sabaa Tahir: NYT bestselling author, journalist  //  Bonus materials
Kaye M.Activist, author, creator of #yesallwomen and #notyourstockmuslim   //  Bonus materials
Kirsten Hubbard: Author, artist, wandergirl   //  Bonus materials

I. W. Gregorio Aisha Saeed Courtney SummersLéonicka Valcius
I. W. Gregorio: Surgeon, author, activist   //  Bonus materials
Aisha Saeed: Author, activist  //  Bonus materials
Courtney Summers: Author, creator of #tothegirls  //  Bonus materials
Léonicka Valcius: Book seller, activist  //  Bonus materials

Jessica Metcalfe Maya Rock Ellen Oh Sarah Enni
Jessica Metcalfe: Boutique owner, academic, professor, poet  //  Bonus materials
Maya Rock: Author, freelance editor, journalist  //  Bonus materials
Ellen Oh: Author, attorney, activist  //  Bonus materials
Sarah Enni: Author, journalist, podcaster  //  Bonus materials