Uncovering YA Covers

Covers (2011)

Rose-Colored Glasses (2010)
Looking at "girliness" in YA covers

How Dark Are They? (2010)
Not very, especially in skin tone.

YA Cover Color Wheel (2010)
Who says YA covers are dark?

YA Deals By The Numbers

YA Deals 2011-2012
Part 1: Breakdown by money and genre
Part 2: Breakdown by multi-book deals
Part 3: Historical, paranormal, and retelling trends;
celebrity deals; auctions and pre-empts

Single vs Multi-Book Deals By Genre
Which YA genre sells more multi-book deals?

Debuts, By the Dollar, and Single Vs Multi-Book Deals
How many YA debuts are there? How much do authors make?

Genre Grudge Match
Which YA genres get the biggest deals?


Just For Fun

How to Get Published: A Flowchart
A slightly tongue-in-cheek guide

Citing Sources: A Quick and Graphic Guide
A magical guide to avoiding plagiarism

The Game of Write
Every other profession gets a board game-- now we get ours.

Harry Potter According to Google Autofill 
In the grand tradition of Nerdfighteria

The Book Buying Cycle
It's vicious.