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Publishing Road Map
Over at YA Highway, I collected and organized advice on writing, getting published, book blogging, and more. Updates coming soon!

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author interviews


advice from me


a short lesson in perspective
Snow White and the Seven Synopses
Get In Character (free download)
Your Manuscript As Music
On Dialect and Dialogue (guest post)
Woulda Coulda Shoulda (if I had written Twilight)
Important Useless Stuff (a character exercise)
Everyone Hates Bella (guest post)
The Best Writing Advice Ever
A Confession of Sorts (my first writing post)


recommended reads
So You Want To Read YA? (guest post)
Top Ten Reasons YA Is Awesome (guest post)

perseverance and/or revisions

Legos and NaNo
"I Was Only Trying To Spell A Loss..."
Lessons Learned (guest post)
rearranging furniture: a thinly veiled metaphor
Dance Like Everyone Is Watching
Battle of the Betas Part II
The Beta Battle
Get Over It, Go Out With Somebody Else

mental health and motivation

Why I Write YA (a manifesto of sorts)
The When and Why (how depression made me stop writing)
2011 Was a Lowercase Year (when writer's block is actually depression)


How I Got the Agent I Didn't Query
Querying vs College Applications (guest post)
The Query Letter: Revising With Feedback (guest post)
What To Ask An Agent
Personal Lessons from SCBWI
Notes from SCBWI 2010: Literary Agents View the Market Place
Notes from SCBWI 2010: Literary Agents View the Market Place, Part II
How to Get Published: A Flowchart
How To Keep Up Online Without Losing Your Mind (guest post)
How To Keep Up Online Without Losing Your Mind, Part II
A Kick In The Head(er) (the biggest publishing mistake you've ever made)
Party Time. Excellent. (that time I sent a "Wayne's World"-themed query)


"OMGWTF: A guide to Internet acronyms" (article)